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-Appliances with freon

-Animal carcasses




-Radioactive materials
-Medical waste
-Fluorescent tubes
-Rock, gravel, concrete, brick, dirt or contaminated soils
-Bulk waste mixed with vegetation (for recycling reasons) a vegetation dumpster can be provided upon request.
-For any and all prohibited items within dumpster additional charges & responsibility of these items will fall to the renter. 

Dumpster rental

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Includes one haul and pick up. 2 tons of waste included within price (Holiday winter special for residential dumpster rental includes 1 ton of waste). No drop offs/pick ups on weekends of holidays.

    20 cubic yard dumpster fits approximately 120 contractor trash bags.

    *confirm with your township that dumpsters are allowed in the street overnight if choosing to have delivery placed in the street*


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